b.a.g is a Los Angeles based label by designer Rachel Karp. After graduating Parsons School of Design in New York in 2014, Karp conceptualized b.a.g with the strong conviction that the future of fashion would reflect gender fluidity. If people are not defined by their body parts, then neither should fashion be placed into the "male" or "female" categories. 

The acronym, b.a.g stands for boys and girls. And also hits close to home for Karp, who's mother owns a retail handbag boutique.  
b.a.g aims to provide creative professionals withbold and stylish accessories they can use to seamlessly transition from home, to work, or play. By keeping the future of gender norms in mind when reinventing vintage/retro styles b.a.g strives to produce timeless, (multi)functional, and sustainable solutions to the uncertainty that comes with gendered and industrialized fashion. 
All designs are made, slowly, ethically and in small batches from Los Angeles.
We believe in supporting our local artisan economy through competitive wages and domestic production in downtown Los Angeles. In each stage of our process, from sourcing materials all the way through the final stages of production, we work locally to ensure our minimal impact on the environment. Each piece is made with thought, precision and collaboration between Karp and her team of talented seamstresses. By building this community, we develop quality products crafted by family.
b.a.g is dedicated to being a sustainable business, where we’re conscientious of our planet’s limited resources. We reduce waste by producing small batch collections, and doing more with less.