Topacio is ONE OF 'EM

Woah woah woah let me tell you about Topacio!! Plant mom, Owner/founder of Los Angeles Plant Club, Musician (her band: Saviors LA), Model, Surfer Chick, and Artist extraordinaire! We met Topacio at a candle lit event in the Chainsaw garage *B.C. where she happens to live next door to (*before Covid)! She's a local Los Angelina with a curious soul and passion for all things art in nature -- a very kindred spirit of ours. We visited Topacio in her rustic, Italian inspired backyard, where she hosts community events, teaching the art of making kokedamas - which is Japanese for "moss ball." She also teaches moss framing classes! Read our interview below to find out more about what sharing her art, creating culture, and building community means to her -- and what she likes to wear while she gets her hands dirty!

Topacio Los Angeles Plant Club


R: How do you decide what you're going to wear everyday?

T: The weather and what movie I recently watched and was affected by. or even what music I'm listening to. I dress into my moods constantly. 

Topacio Los Angeles Plant Club
R: What is your "go to," or standard uniform when you're planting?
T: My standard uniform is usually anything that hangs off my body loosely and always barefoot. Always. 
Topacio Los Angeles Plant Club
R: What does community mean to you?
T: Community means sharing. whether it be sharing with people in your household, with your neighbors, coworkers. You can create community anywhere you go.
Topacio Los Angeles plant Club
R: What does sustainability mean to you?
T: To me sustainability means not only doing what works for you but what's best for your community, and the environment all rolled into one recyclable package. ;)
Topacio Los Angeles Plant Club
R: Who/What are some of your fashion inspirations/influences?
T: I grew up wanting to basically be Gwen Stefani, Shannyn Sossamon and Lara Croft so i guess their styles and effortless coolness influenced me. 
Topacio wears all of our limited run racer back tanks in sizes small and medium, the TD Baby Tee, and BBall shorts in size small, plus the camo crocs!
Follow her on instagram: @2paci0

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