Meet Faye! Omg Faye...

Not only is she gorgeous, Faye is a qualified tender cherub. She's a song writer, vocalist, model, consultant, and dog mom of the cutest Jude (featured in most every photo).

It took me about a year, or so to finally meet her and I'm so glad we made it happen! I slid into her dms to lock in a date to shoot; Faye so graciously welcomed me into her cozy-chic, HLP bungalow home/studio, where she writes and records her music. AND if your lucky like me, she even serves delicious natural wine. We talked about all of our favorite brands, after realizing we had the same buying habits, and taste in STUFF...we talked connection, boys, and about the beautiful relationship between Mediterranean diets and extra dirty martinis, while I ogled at her wearing sets from our latest drop THE BARNEY COLLECTION. See/read our convo below:

omgfaye wearing they barney set by boys and girls design


1) What’s your process for getting dressed everyday?

Because my day-to-day tends to fluctuate with modeling, music, and my consulting work, my process is often based on my commitments for the day. It often feels like choosing “what version of Faye do I want to be today?” or “which version of Faye do I have to be today?”




2) What do you feel the most beautiful wearing?

Pieces that are sexy *and* comfortable and honor my curves. Over the last 5+ years comfort has become way more important to me. The bottom line is: if I don’t feel comfortable, physically, mentally, and emotionally in what I’m wearing then the feeling of beauty is absent. 


3) Is there a relationship between music and fashion? How do they connect for you ?

Absolutely. Music and fashion are my two most important forms of self expression. The marriage between the two has always been apparent to me. Music influences fashion, fashion influences music. 



4) Who/ what are your biggest music influences and inspirations? 

Ooof! That’s difficult because in the end it’s a weird hodgepodge of everything I’ve ever loved. Lately, a lot of my inspirations are friends. They’ve helped me realize my dreams are in reach and have humanized the idea of an “artist.” Someone who comes to mind is Anna Wise. She’s unapologetic. I’ve been in awe of her voice, music, and artistry since 2010.


5) What do you look for in a garment before making your purchase? 

Comfort, quality, versatility, and the fit. When brands spend the time and resources to fit their garments to various body types it shows. Over the last year I’ve learned quite a bit about the product development process and It’s something I’ve grown to deeply appreciate.


6) What does sustainability mean to you? 

Holistically, a practice that supports ecological, human, and economic health. When personally applying that to fashion, I’m trying to be way more intentional with what I purchase. I often ask myself: 

“Does this fill a void in my closet or am I buying the same thing again?”

“Why do I want this?”

“Does this have multiple uses?”

“Is this something I can see myself wearing in various settings and occasions?” 

“What does this brand stand for?”

Ultimately a “who, what, where, when, why” approach. I want to make sure what I’m buying is intentional and not impulsive or purely driven by a trend. I think if more people asked themselves these questions when making a purchasing decision, we’d see a lot less of the detrimental effects of fashion on the environment. 


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Instagram: @omg.faye

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Faye is 5'9" and wears a size L in the tops, and size XL in bottoms and dresses in The Barney Collection.

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