Ariel Monroe, is ONE OF'EM

Meet Ariel Monroe! Actress, model, and owner of Lovebug Vintage. We met Ariel at the Los Feliz Flea, where they set up shop every Saturday. They sold me a kelly green ribbed tube top and their all around angelic vibes. I had to start following  for more of their curated vintage collection and heavenly aesthetic. We got together with Ariel for some Sweetgreen in the garden plus a joint (perfect combo I know). We talked about clothing, sustainability, community, and the color orange. Read our mini interview below: 

R: How do you decide what you're going to wear everyday?

A: I usually go about it by looking outside and feeling the temperature. Depending on the occasion or what I’m doing for that day helps me with the deciding factor, but no doubt about it I’ll be wearing some vintage that’s interchangeable from day to night. 

Ariel Monroe of Lovebug Vtg

R: Why do you choose to work in fashion? What's your favorite part of fashion?                                                                                                                   A: It’s a safe space to express yourself and it just kinda fit naturally. I’d have to my favorite part in fashion is the artistry of the garments for sure. Fashion has to be funky or you’re not doing it justice. 

R: What does community mean to you?
A: Community to me means a collection of people sharing common interests and aspirations. Kind of like the term “it takes a village” , helping each other reach for the stars in order to get those dreams achieved. I wouldn’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for my support system and my community helping and supporting me through rough patches. 
Ariel Monroe of Lovebug Vtg
R: What does sustainability mean to you?
A: Sustainability in fashion is important! It helps save and benefit our environment. Sustainability means to me is avoiding fast fashion and getting your clothing by up-cycling, repurposing, vintage and custom creations.
Ariel Monroe of Lovebug Vtg
R: Who are some of your fashion inspirations? 
A: My fashion inspirations are the Olsen twins, Marilyn Monroe, cowboys, rock n roll, old Hollywood glamour, the  60’s/70’s era and drag queens!! 
Ariel is wearing the TD Baby Tee and BBall Short set plus Tevas with socks!
Follow them on instagram @ariel__monroe__
Vintage Shop: @lovebugvtg
Special thanks for Denielle Guerra for props and more <3

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